Styling a Juniper

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 A semi cascade juniper needing to be styled. take a look and try to imagine how you would style this small juniper before you continue reading the post.


Rear view of the same tree.


 Decided on design that is a little different,it is to have a low hanging foliage mass, so removed all the upper growth, then cleaned off the bark.


 A view from above showing the layout of the remaining branches. All are wired and ready to be positioned into the desired style.


Branches now placed in position to create the low foliage mass, So why did I go for this design ? Well I decided the foliage mass was visually far to heavy for the size of the tree overall, it was also getting to remote from the pot, looking a bit leggy and unbalanced. So by using the lower branches which originated closer to the trunk,  I have been able to move the foliage mass closer to the pot, creating a better overall balance for this semi cascade design.


One year on the foliage is developing well,dead wood is now fixed in place and treated with hardener, I rolled the tree forwards a little during the re-pot to better the view of the dead wood at the top of the tree, this shallower pot also gives a more balanced look.

Did you expect this design from the starting point ?

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